I get Random people on Instant Messenger all the time, and this was a classic…

Before you start reading, this is what happened: My roommate was on AOL Instant Messenger, and Webgurl5678 Random Messages him. The conversation starts the way it does because in my roommates info, he mentions that he likes talking about old cars. It didn’t take too long to figure out this girl was on some bad medication. He woke me up so I could join in on the fun, and this is what transpired. This is a really long conversation, but believe me, it keeps getting funnier and funnier as you read… I can’t believe she didn’t leave after a few minutes of sarcasm, and I can’t believe how long she held onto her story. Enjoy.


This is who I, Clyde427 is talking to… this was what she put in the comments section of her info ------- Webgurl5678

hey everyone!!!WHaTS uP?mY namE Is EMMa. IM mE IF YoU wanNA TalK OR dO OtheR STufF ;-) 16/F/IL I HAvE BloNDe HAir & BLue EYEs & I'M SINgle ONly iF U R LooKin :-* IF YoU wanNA KNoW MorE abouT Me IM mE & I'll teLL u ANyThinG U waNt To KnoW!!!! LuV, EmmA


Webgurl5678 (9:35:02 AM): i have an old car

Clyde427 (9:35:06 AM): Cool

Clyde427 (9:35:07 AM): What kind?

Webgurl5678 (9:35:34 AM): actually i used to have it but i crashed it.......and thats how i died

Clyde427 (9:35:45 AM): What?

Webgurl5678 (9:35:59 AM): i'm a ghost

Clyde427 (9:36:25 AM): .....and ghosts get AOL?

Webgurl5678 (9:37:03 AM): this is not my computer

Webgurl5678 (9:37:14 AM): this isn't even my house

Webgurl5678 (9:37:20 AM): i'm haunting it

Clyde427 (9:37:21 AM): Aaaaahhh....I see...so you walk in on other people and use their AOL?

Webgurl5678 (9:37:38 AM): the compuer was on

Webgurl5678 (9:38:04 AM): its not like people can see me

Webgurl5678 (9:38:20 AM): only when i make myself visible

Clyde427 (9:38:38 AM): So what if they want to use the computer?

Webgurl5678 (9:38:49 AM): they cant

Webgurl5678 (9:39:07 AM): there is a force that holds them back

Webgurl5678 (9:39:14 AM): they just cant

Webgurl5678 (9:39:39 AM): i'm 50 years old, but i died when i was 16

Webgurl5678 (9:39:49 AM): in a car crash

Webgurl5678 (9:39:58 AM): on the bridge

Clyde427 (9:40:10 AM): What did you hit?

Clyde427 (9:40:12 AM): A boot?

Webgurl5678 (9:40:31 AM): I DROWNED YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!

Webgurl5678 (9:40:57 AM): i didn't have my license yet

Clyde427 (9:41:43 AM): oh, so they hit you, and then pushed you off the dock...

Clyde427 (9:42:04 AM): but that guy was like 40 to begin with though....

Webgurl5678 (9:42:08 AM): no i'm not susy Q

Clyde427 (9:43:55 AM): Sooooo.... what was it like being a teenager in the 60's?

Clyde427 (9:45:06 AM): ?

Clyde427 (9:46:01 AM): Alzheimer's hit ya? If you still remember that you died when you were 16, and how you died, you should rememeber the 60's... unless you were doped up like everyone else in the 60's

Webgurl5678 (9:46:51 AM): ok i am back

Clyde427 (9:48:06 AM): Well, were you going to answer my question??

Webgurl5678 (9:48:31 AM): i was not a ghost in the s60s

Clyde427 (9:48:45 AM): you were alive in the 60's though

Webgurl5678 (9:48:57 AM): it depends on what sprit you want to know about

Clyde427 (9:48:59 AM): that's part of being a teenager in the 60's

Webgurl5678 (9:49:27 AM): it was the 50s the one you want to know about

Clyde427 (9:50:12 AM): Look... if you died in the 60's, you were alive in the 60's. If you were 16 then, 50 now, that starts at 66, from then back a few years is '63.... If you're going to be a ghost, do your research

Webgurl5678 (9:50:50 AM): my other spirit was a spanish lady

Webgurl5678 (9:50:55 AM): 180 years old

Webgurl5678 (9:51:14 AM): she died when she was 20 years old

Clyde427 (9:51:20 AM): what happened to here, eat too many burritos?

Clyde427 (9:51:32 AM): drop her Chalupa?

Clyde427 (9:51:53 AM): and what happened to that spirit?

Clyde427 (9:52:03 AM): Do they die off after a while?

Clyde427 (9:52:12 AM): How did you become another spirit?

Clyde427 (9:52:16 AM): How does that work?

Clyde427 (9:52:29 AM): How did she die?

Clyde427 (9:52:37 AM): Are you anyone else?

Webgurl5678 (9:52:42 AM): peligro

Clyde427 (9:52:47 AM): Come on old man

Clyde427 (9:52:58 AM): or... EmMa

Webgurl5678 (9:53:04 AM): un momentono mias

Clyde427 (9:53:08 AM): oh, sorry eMMa

Clyde427 (9:53:23 AM): that's not even spanish, that's sesame street

Clyde427 (9:53:39 AM): if it's one moment, it's uno momento... duh

Clyde427 (9:53:59 AM): I guess your spanish gets rusty after 170 years though.... Understandable

Webgurl5678 (9:54:03 AM): por favor llame al medico

Clyde427 (9:54:08 AM): you need it

Webgurl5678 (9:54:15 AM): really

Clyde427 (9:54:16 AM): or, maybe, lay off of it

Clyde427 (9:54:28 AM): como se dice.... crack?

Webgurl5678 (9:55:17 AM): como se llama usted?

Clyde427 (9:55:30 AM): WebgurlKissMyAss

Webgurl5678 (9:55:58 AM): why good day webgurlkissmyass

Webgurl5678 (9:56:50 AM): madam seiry

Webgurl5678 (9:57:41 AM): lady mercingod

Webgurl5678 (9:58:09 AM): other spirits of my mind

Clyde427 (9:58:11 AM): oh ya, we have them here.... I have one in my trunk

Webgurl5678 (9:58:32 AM): KISS MY ASS YOU RETARD

Clyde427 (9:58:39 AM): Me?

Webgurl5678 (9:58:42 AM): ITS JUST NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!

Webgurl5678 (9:58:52 AM): NO ONE BLIEVES ME!!!!!!!!!!

Clyde427 (9:58:53 AM): Why?

Webgurl5678 (9:59:03 AM): WHY DO YOU THINK??????

Clyde427 (9:59:10 AM): don't start a battle of wits if you're unarmed

Webgurl5678 (9:59:23 AM): SEE I TOLD YOU!!!!!!


Clyde427 (10:00:31 AM): what? Life's not fair... don't start battles with strangers.... you'll never know who you'll run into

Webgurl5678 (10:00:46 AM): HELP ME!!!!!

Clyde427 (10:01:25 AM): well, my trunk is full of evil spirits at the time, but I'd be glad to take a number.....


Webgurl5678 (10:02:01 AM): A LITTLE

Clyde427 (10:02:07 AM): and besides, I never said I didn't believe you... I never said I did either....

Clyde427 (10:02:39 AM): But if it were believable, you would've answered my questions correctly, right???

Webgurl5678 (10:03:20 AM): es demasiado.

Webgurl5678 (10:03:59 AM): i cant take it any more

Clyde427 (10:04:11 AM): hey, you've been going to classes... they don't teach stuff like that on sesame street

Clyde427 (10:04:24 AM): take what?

Webgurl5678 (10:04:30 AM): i need to know where my family is

Clyde427 (10:05:10 AM): I've told you, one's in my trunk

Webgurl5678 (10:05:45 AM): is your trunk in Englang?

Webgurl5678 (10:05:58 AM): England

Clyde427 (10:06:08 AM): you obviously know how to use a computer, even though computers weren't around when you were alive, so look them up....

Clyde427 (10:06:25 AM): nope, I moved

Clyde427 (10:06:31 AM): and brought my trunk with me

Webgurl5678 (10:07:15 AM): my family is in England.....i think.....my mum died in a fire

Clyde427 (10:07:52 AM): what the hell were you doing driving around in Illinois.... jumping off bridges and such

Clyde427 (10:08:03 AM): and why are you in Illinois if you know your family is in England?

Webgurl5678 (10:08:20 AM): my house was burned down

Webgurl5678 (10:08:27 AM): i had nowhere to go

Clyde427 (10:08:37 AM): so you swam to the US??

Webgurl5678 (10:08:50 AM): i am living in the Carlston house

Clyde427 (10:08:52 AM): or did you try to drive over the Atlantic?

Webgurl5678 (10:09:20 AM): i never got my license

Clyde427 (10:09:21 AM): and where in Illinois is that?

Webgurl5678 (10:09:26 AM): what

Webgurl5678 (10:09:32 AM): is illinois?

Clyde427 (10:10:18 AM): um, that place your computer is, since the info for Webgurl5678 is made out to a 16 year old female in Illinois...

Clyde427 (10:10:42 AM): and if you were in the house and the computer was "just on", that's where you are, duh

Clyde427 (10:11:45 AM): and you should know that, or else you would have said "Who's Emma" earlier when I called you eMMa.....

Webgurl5678 (10:11:59 AM): Ms. Carlston is in the hospital

Clyde427 (10:12:36 AM): So, to my question... where in Illinois is the Carlston place?

Webgurl5678 (10:13:05 AM): i do not know the answer to this question you are asking me

Clyde427 (10:13:15 AM): why not?

Webgurl5678 (10:13:34 AM): i tried to burn the house down

Webgurl5678 (10:13:47 AM): Emmily is in the hospital


Clyde427 (10:14:05 AM): I thought Ms. Carlston was in the hospital???

Clyde427 (10:14:26 AM): and if she has a kid, isn't it Mrs?

Webgurl5678 (10:14:31 AM): Emmily is Ms. Carlston

Webgurl5678 (10:15:19 AM): her boyfriend hurts her sometimes

Clyde427 (10:15:25 AM): oh, well that would explain the Ms; since she's only 16...

Webgurl5678 (10:15:36 AM): yes sir

Clyde427 (10:16:14 AM): what do you tell a girl with two black eyes? Nothing, she's already been told twice

Webgurl5678 (10:16:58 AM): NOT that kind of hurt

Clyde427 (10:17:01 AM): besides, it hurts the first time, but after that, it's not that bad

Clyde427 (10:17:21 AM): or so I'm told... it's not like men care

Webgurl5678 (10:17:39 AM): its not like YOU care about anything

Clyde427 (10:18:07 AM): Only the living

Webgurl5678 (10:18:16 AM): and you are not a man you are a BOY

Clyde427 (10:18:40 AM): this coming from a 16 year old... ghost? :-) Ah, how cute

Clyde427 (10:19:25 AM): boy, man, guy, god... doesn't matter, I don't have a multi personality disorder

Webgurl5678 (10:19:26 AM): and a 180 year ghost and a 270 year ghost and a 50 year old ghost and a 378 year old ghost

Clyde427 (10:19:46 AM): like I said....

Clyde427 (10:20:03 AM): "....I see dead people..."

Webgurl5678 (10:20:30 AM): you do?

Clyde427 (10:20:43 AM): oh, ya, sorry, should've mentioned it earlier

Webgurl5678 (10:20:57 AM): you wont be able to see me

Clyde427 (10:21:06 AM): if I didn't, I wouldn't have those evil spirits in my trunk

Clyde427 (10:21:18 AM): I can see you right now

Clyde427 (10:21:22 AM): I see everything

Clyde427 (10:21:31 AM): but most of all....

Clyde427 (10:21:38 AM): "....I see dead people..."

Webgurl5678 (10:21:53 AM): encantrula

Webgurl5678 (10:22:03 AM): paolhalao

Clyde427 (10:22:22 AM): weirdioso

Webgurl5678 (10:22:40 AM): hominportro

Clyde427 (10:22:55 AM): como se dice "I see dead people" ??

Webgurl5678 (10:23:29 AM): i am not speaking Spanish

Clyde427 (10:23:43 AM): what is it then? Jibberish?

Webgurl5678 (10:24:11 AM): why would you care?

Clyde427 (10:24:24 AM): I'm still talking to you, aren't I?

Webgurl5678 (10:24:24 AM): you do not seem to care about anything

Webgurl5678 (10:24:52 AM): CANT YOU HELP ME?

Clyde427 (10:25:14 AM): I care about many things, just not stuff I can't control.... there are thousands of people in thousands of hospitals around the US, and fortunatly I don't know anyone in any of them... if I did, I would care deeply

Clyde427 (10:25:33 AM): Um, sure, what da ya need?

Webgurl5678 (10:25:40 AM): YOU DO KNOW EMMILY

Clyde427 (10:25:50 AM): hungry? I hear Chicago has some kickass deep dish pizza

Webgurl5678 (10:25:50 AM): SHE KNOWS YOU

Clyde427 (10:26:07 AM): oh, ya... emmily


Clyde427 (10:26:30 AM): yeah... I do to... I'm not looking forward to that test tonight Either


Webgurl5678 (10:27:46 AM): SHE HAS MANY FEELINGS FOR YOU

Clyde427 (10:27:56 AM): well, I haven't talked to her in a while, and the Emmily I know doesn't have a boyfriend or is in the hospital..

Clyde427 (10:28:18 AM): If the Emmily I knew was in the hospital, then I would've been notified by someone other than random ghost


Clyde427 (10:29:06 AM): well, you haven't told me what you want yet


Clyde427 (10:29:24 AM): suit yourself... I know where you live

Webgurl5678 (10:29:32 AM): I JUST WANT MY FAMILY BACK

Clyde427 (10:29:50 AM): they'll be home from work in a few hours

Webgurl5678 (10:30:14 AM): I DO NOT APPRECIATE SARCASIM

Clyde427 (10:30:43 AM): everyone in the room that's laughing sure does

Webgurl5678 (10:31:09 AM): ONLY I SHOUD BE THERE

Webgurl5678 (10:31:15 AM): NO BODY ELSE

Clyde427 (10:31:20 AM): come on over


Clyde427 (10:31:40 AM): that's cool

Clyde427 (10:31:50 AM): because there are other people

Webgurl5678 (10:32:02 AM): KISS MY ASS

Clyde427 (10:32:07 AM): but you're a ghost

Clyde427 (10:32:11 AM): do ghosts have asses?

Webgurl5678 (10:32:15 AM): KISS MY ASS

Clyde427 (10:32:18 AM): Do they, dare I say, give a shit?

Webgurl5678 (10:32:29 AM): THIS ONE SURE DOES

Webgurl5678 (10:32:36 AM): SO KISS IT!!!!

Clyde427 (10:32:50 AM): well, come on over, and I might consider it

Webgurl5678 (10:32:55 AM): I AM OVER

Clyde427 (10:33:08 AM): while you're at it, one of my pictures is crooked, scare my friend by fixing it

Webgurl5678 (10:33:30 AM): YOUR FRIEND IS AN ASS HOLE

Clyde427 (10:34:00 AM): but he's not a ghost, so it's okay


Clyde427 (10:35:17 AM): you haven't said what you want yet, besides your family, and how I should go about finding them

Clyde427 (10:35:40 AM): and if we are mental, and you know we are mental, why did you come to us for help to begin with?

Webgurl5678 (10:35:51 AM): it dosen't matter any more no one will help me

Webgurl5678 (10:36:25 AM): i've tried lots of times.......but no body cares

Clyde427 (10:36:27 AM): I never said I wouldn't, you keep changing the subject though into Jibberish and such

Webgurl5678 (10:36:55 AM): ITS NOT "JIBBERISH"

Clyde427 (10:37:02 AM): well, you said it wasn't spanish

Webgurl5678 (10:37:12 AM): ITS WASN'T!!!!!!1

Clyde427 (10:37:13 AM): you just changed the subject again

Webgurl5678 (10:38:26 AM): i'm quite sorry

Clyde427 (10:38:32 AM): alzheimer's?

Webgurl5678 (10:38:48 AM): i'm olny sixteen

Clyde427 (10:39:04 AM): but I thought you were 50 or 180 or 270

Webgurl5678 (10:39:15 AM): and 250 and 180 and 50

Webgurl5678 (10:39:23 AM): i just cant take it any more

Clyde427 (10:39:39 AM): I think they have a pill for that

Webgurl5678 (10:39:47 AM): forget about my family i'll never find them

Webgurl5678 (10:39:56 AM): ANDY FOR YOU

Webgurl5678 (10:40:12 AM): YOU NEED TO GO VISIT EMMILY

Clyde427 (10:40:16 AM): Webgurl5678 (10:19:26 AM): and a 180 year ghost and a 270 year ghost and a 50 year old ghost and a 378 year old ghos

Clyde427 (10:40:36 AM): get your story straight

Webgurl5678 (10:40:36 AM): SHE'D BEEN WAITING A VERY LONG TIME

Clyde427 (10:40:45 AM): Andy?

Webgurl5678 (10:40:48 AM): YOU NEED TO VISIT HER

Webgurl5678 (10:40:55 AM): EMMILY

Webgurl5678 (10:41:03 AM): SHES SAD

Clyde427 (10:41:10 AM): you just said andy though... what about andy?

Webgurl5678 (10:41:22 AM): I MEANT TO TYPE AND

Clyde427 (10:41:27 AM): oh, okay

Webgurl5678 (10:41:49 AM): WHOS YOUR FRIEND?

Clyde427 (10:42:01 AM): why does it matter?

Webgurl5678 (10:42:15 AM): WHY DO I MATTER?

Clyde427 (10:42:22 AM): my friend

Webgurl5678 (10:42:22 AM): NO ONE CARES!!!!!!!!!


Clyde427 (10:43:13 AM): Emmily should be said, apparently she's going out with an abusive guy, and she's too stupid to break up with him

Clyde427 (10:43:29 AM): Emmily should be sad.... that is....

Webgurl5678 (10:43:39 AM): NOT THAT KIND F ABUSIVE


Clyde427 (10:44:11 AM): Well, pain is pain, no matter how it happens

Clyde427 (10:44:21 AM): well, that's good

Webgurl5678 (10:44:48 AM): HE DOES NOT HURT HER PHYSICALLY

Clyde427 (10:45:25 AM): messing with her mind?

Webgurl5678 (10:45:35 AM): CORRECT

Clyde427 (10:45:41 AM): Kinda like I'm doing?

Webgurl5678 (10:45:42 AM): I HAVE TO GO NOW


Clyde427 (10:46:28 AM): wah!!!!

Webgurl5678 (10:46:45 AM): ARE YOU CRYING NOW????

Clyde427 (10:46:46 AM): see, I can be a little boy

Webgurl5678 (10:47:06 AM): NO YOU ARE A LITTLE BOY

Clyde427 (10:47:18 AM): Yes, because I just realized that this would be a better world if everyone respected the dead.....


Clyde427 (10:48:00 AM): Would parking spaces closer to the door at grocery stores help?? next to the handicapped?

Clyde427 (10:48:20 AM): You're still here aren't you???

Webgurl5678 (10:48:31 AM): NO I'M RIGHT BEHIND YOU

Clyde427 (10:48:39 AM): nope, that's Dave

Webgurl5678 (10:48:53 AM): NOPE THATS ME

Clyde427 (10:49:07 AM): what did Dave just tell me then??

Webgurl5678 (10:49:34 AM): I'M SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU NOW

Clyde427 (10:49:38 AM): I think I'm going to save this conversation and put it on my webpage

Clyde427 (10:49:47 AM): Answer the question

Clyde427 (10:50:07 AM): There isn't room to sit next to me, duh...

Webgurl5678 (10:50:22 AM): IM A GHOST DUH...

Clyde427 (10:50:24 AM): I'm between a wall and a counter full of junk... if you were here, you would know that though

Clyde427 (10:51:15 AM): you are either outside or through on top of all of the junk, which is on shelves, up to the ceiling, so even if you are a ghost, there isn't really any room for ya right now, but nice try

Webgurl5678 (10:51:43 AM): THERE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ROOM FOR ME

Clyde427 (10:52:04 AM): well, what did Dave tell me???? Quit ignoring the question, and maybe I'll believe you

Webgurl5678 (10:52:20 AM): DAVE IS NOT EVEN THERE

Webgurl5678 (10:52:38 AM): UNLESS HE'S A GHOST

Clyde427 (10:52:41 AM): who is then?

Webgurl5678 (10:53:01 AM): ME!!!!!

Clyde427 (10:53:45 AM): maybe Dave is here, maybe not... maybe I made him up, maybe he's next to me, but there is someone here, besides you... if only you were here, I wouldn't be able to see anyone else in the room.....



----- at this point she signs off, and comes back on a few minutes later…… such a clever girl


Clyde427 (10:59:52 AM): back so soon??

Webgurl5678 (11:00:03 AM): who are you?

Clyde427 (11:00:18 AM): oh, you're so clever

Clyde427 (11:00:29 AM): how was the hospital?

Webgurl5678 (11:00:46 AM): who are you?

Webgurl5678 (11:01:03 AM): how you know i was in the hospital?

Clyde427 (11:01:25 AM): your poltergeist friend told me.... I think his name was Bob

Webgurl5678 (11:01:37 AM): oh Marie?

Clyde427 (11:02:20 AM): I couldn't keep track.... it was Bob, than Marie, than other personalities....

Clyde427 (11:02:38 AM): pretty messed up dude if you know what I mean

Webgurl5678 (11:02:51 AM): ?

Clyde427 (11:03:10 AM): what are your measurements?

Webgurl5678 (11:03:22 AM): what?

Clyde427 (11:03:53 AM): ya know, the reason you have/had a boyfriend... measurements

Webgurl5678 (11:04:19 AM): uuhhhggg do don't rea=mind me of him

Webgurl5678 (11:04:38 AM): anyway, c42

Clyde427 (11:04:47 AM): someone had to knock some sense into ya

Webgurl5678 (11:05:03 AM): hahahah very funny

Webgurl5678 (11:05:26 AM): hey what did marie say to you?

Clyde427 (11:06:05 AM): She told me a lot of things.. let's see......

Clyde427 (11:06:28 AM): she told me that you take crack

Clyde427 (11:06:44 AM): and that's only one reason you were in the hospital

Webgurl5678 (11:06:45 AM): WHAT???

Webgurl5678 (11:06:56 AM): no i was just visiting my mom

Webgurl5678 (11:07:10 AM): shes the one in the hospital

Clyde427 (11:07:30 AM): oh, well, she said you were in the hospital, ya know, your boyfriend....

Clyde427 (11:07:39 AM): before you pull this BS with people, get your story straight

Webgurl5678 (11:08:25 AM): why do you care about my boyfriend anyway????

Clyde427 (11:08:30 AM): I think she's coming over... I'll be glad to see her... or, not see her

Webgurl5678 (11:08:46 AM): what are you talking about?

Clyde427 (11:09:16 AM): well, ghost said that you were in the hospital because of your boyfriend, which makes it kinda weird that you were just visiting your mom, when you were the one that was supposedly hurt

Webgurl5678 (11:09:49 AM): marie is just a ghost you believe her?

Webgurl5678 (11:10:19 AM): i cant believe you would believe a ghost and not a person

Clyde427 (11:10:20 AM): No, I'm just messing with your mind...

Clyde427 (11:10:30 AM): There are no such things as ghosts

Clyde427 (11:10:40 AM): and if there were, they wouldn't know how to use IM

Clyde427 (11:11:13 AM): it's kind of funny that you actually left and came back.... didn't make it more believable... just kind of funny that you are that bored

Webgurl5678 (11:12:21 AM): listen i don't even know who you are, how old you are, or anything about you so i'll just be on my merry little way

Clyde427 (11:12:39 AM): you IMed me, remember?

Webgurl5678 (11:13:12 AM): sorry son i only talk to people i know on AIM

Clyde427 (11:13:31 AM): why did you random me then?

Webgurl5678 (11:13:47 AM): i didn't!!!!!

Clyde427 (11:13:53 AM): If I didn't know you, I wouldn't have known you were in the Hospital

Webgurl5678 (11:14:09 AM): who are you?????

Clyde427 (11:14:28 AM): Webgurl5678 (9:35:02 AM): i have an old car

Clyde427 (9:35:06 AM): Cool

Clyde427 (9:35:07 AM): What kind?

Webgurl5678 (9:35:34 AM): actually i used to have it but i crashed it.......and thats how i died

Clyde427 (9:35:45 AM): What?

Webgurl5678 (9:35:59 AM): i'm a ghost

Clyde427 (9:36:25 AM): .....and ghosts get AOL?

Webgurl5678 (9:37:03 AM): this is not my computer

Webgurl5678 (9:37:14 AM): this isn't even my house

Webgurl5678 (9:37:20 AM): i'm haunting it

Clyde427 (9:37:21 AM): Aaaaahhh....I see...so you walk in on other people and use their AOL?

Webgurl5678 (9:37:38 AM): the compuer was on

Webgurl5678 (9:38:04 AM): its not like people can see me

Webgurl5678 (9:38:20 AM): only when i make myself visible

Clyde427 (9:38:38 AM): So what if they want to use the computer?

Webgurl5678 (9:38:49 AM): they cant

Webgurl5678 (9:39:07 AM): there is a force that holds them back

Clyde427 (11:14:45 AM): Hmmm.... looks like you

Webgurl5678 (11:15:19 AM): that was marie or my brother i already told you

Clyde427 (11:15:20 AM): I have the whole file... going on my webpage... funny stuff

Webgurl5678 (11:15:31 AM): it was my brother

Webgurl5678 (11:15:38 AM): he just said so

Clyde427 (11:15:46 AM): still pretty funny

Clyde427 (11:16:16 AM): and you keep mentioning marie, so apparently you're into the BS too, even if it was your brother earlier

Webgurl5678 (11:16:31 AM): my sister wants to talk to you now

Clyde427 (11:16:39 AM): um, sure

Clyde427 (11:16:54 AM): is that eMMa?

Clyde427 (11:16:59 AM): or is that you?

Clyde427 (11:17:11 AM): it's confusing with all of these personalities

Webgurl5678 (11:17:23 AM): i am Amy

Webgurl5678 (11:17:36 AM): emmas older sis

Clyde427 (11:18:09 AM): but emma was the one in the hospital, which would be you....

Webgurl5678 (11:18:40 AM): listen quit messing with my sis, and marie, and my bro

Webgurl5678 (11:18:48 AM): who are u?

Clyde427 (11:18:49 AM): you IMed me first

Clyde427 (11:19:00 AM): paco

Webgurl5678 (11:19:23 AM): no that was emma emma wanted me to talk to you

Clyde427 (11:19:43 AM): okay

Webgurl5678 (11:19:46 AM): so u like emma

Clyde427 (11:19:57 AM): I thought she was on crack myself

Webgurl5678 (11:20:02 AM): how bout we hook up?

Clyde427 (11:20:14 AM): where do you live?

Clyde427 (11:20:19 AM): besides IL

Webgurl5678 (11:20:54 AM): jenkinsville

Webgurl5678 (11:21:15 AM): why do u want tto know

Clyde427 (11:21:25 AM): because if you want to hook up....

Webgurl5678 (11:22:04 AM): iwas joking unless you were serious

Clyde427 (11:22:38 AM): not really

Webgurl5678 (11:22:45 AM): good

Webgurl5678 (11:23:16 AM): cause my bf is sitting next to me

Clyde427 (11:23:27 AM): cool

Clyde427 (11:23:36 AM): does he have eight personalities, too?

Webgurl5678 (11:23:50 AM): shut up u retard

Clyde427 (11:24:06 AM): I'm a retard, yet there are ghosts in your house?

Clyde427 (11:24:13 AM): that know how to use IM, too

Webgurl5678 (11:24:33 AM): what are u talking bout?

Webgurl5678 (11:24:52 AM): ooohhhhh marie???

Clyde427 (11:24:59 AM): there's no Jenkinsville IL either

Webgurl5678 (11:25:13 AM): do u want to play a game

Clyde427 (11:25:20 AM): This game is pretty fun

Webgurl5678 (11:25:20 AM): ?

Webgurl5678 (11:26:01 AM): i mean u ask a personal question then i ask u one

Webgurl5678 (11:26:46 AM): u go first

Clyde427 (11:26:54 AM): um, sure.... but I can't for long... I have reality to go to here in a little bit

Webgurl5678 (11:27:03 AM): k

Webgurl5678 (11:27:10 AM): ur turn

Webgurl5678 (11:27:14 AM): ok

Webgurl5678 (11:27:17 AM): ok

Clyde427 (11:27:27 AM): okay.. we'll start simple.... how old are you and your friends/siblings?

Clyde427 (11:28:44 AM): ?

Clyde427 (11:29:30 AM): you wanted to play

Clyde427 (11:29:50 AM): it's not that hard

Webgurl5678 (11:29:53 AM): me:18 emma:16 my bro

Clyde427 (11:30:16 AM): your turn

Webgurl5678 (11:30:34 AM): my question same as urs

Webgurl5678 (11:31:07 AM): ur girl to

Clyde427 (11:31:13 AM): I'm 20, along with many of my friends being 19/20.....

Webgurl5678 (11:31:26 AM): ur girl

Clyde427 (11:31:35 AM): none to speak of

Webgurl5678 (11:31:42 AM): ohhh

Webgurl5678 (11:31:52 AM): ur turn

Webgurl5678 (11:32:18 AM): go

Clyde427 (11:32:38 AM): Where do you go to school at?

Webgurl5678 (11:33:20 AM): jenkinsville high

Webgurl5678 (11:34:13 AM): how far have u gone with a girl

Clyde427 (11:34:49 AM): I took one to Florida once....

Clyde427 (11:34:58 AM): that's pretty far

Webgurl5678 (11:35:19 AM): you know what i mean

Webgurl5678 (11:35:31 AM): kiss

Clyde427 (11:35:46 AM): sorry... yes, obviously being 20

Webgurl5678 (11:36:13 AM): so i'm guessing all the way

Webgurl5678 (11:36:33 AM): anything besides kiss?

Clyde427 (11:37:06 AM): well, ya.. I'd have to answer with as far as you can go, I guess....

Webgurl5678 (11:37:16 AM): ur turn

Clyde427 (11:37:43 AM): what are your measurements?

Webgurl5678 (11:38:12 AM): big

Clyde427 (11:38:23 AM): well, get a tape measure

Webgurl5678 (11:38:54 AM): sorry i dont give out my bra size to strangers

Clyde427 (11:39:04 AM): well, you said personal

Webgurl5678 (11:39:15 AM): why would u care

Clyde427 (11:39:19 AM): it's your game

Webgurl5678 (11:39:37 AM): C43

Clyde427 (11:39:46 AM): and the other two measurements?

Webgurl5678 (11:39:56 AM): ?

Clyde427 (11:40:15 AM): bra/waist/hips

Clyde427 (11:40:41 AM): being 18, you should know that

Webgurl5678 (11:41:06 AM): i do know that

Webgurl5678 (11:41:25 AM): ask a different question

Webgurl5678 (11:41:54 AM): !!!!!

Clyde427 (11:42:05 AM): sorry, I'm doing other stuff, too

Webgurl5678 (11:42:13 AM): k

Clyde427 (11:42:44 AM): Where do you work at?

Webgurl5678 (11:43:13 AM): TGIFridays

Webgurl5678 (11:43:46 AM): what u look for in a girl besides their size?

Webgurl5678 (11:44:30 AM): !

Clyde427 (11:44:45 AM): Actually I don't look at there size first... looks aren't that important....

Clyde427 (11:45:07 AM): intelligence, sence of humor, etc.... if they have nice tits, that's just icing on the cake

Clyde427 (11:45:15 AM): or whip cream, whatever

Webgurl5678 (11:45:31 AM): ur turn

Clyde427 (11:45:47 AM): Jenkinsville is in Indiana though... not Illinois... what state are you in?

Webgurl5678 (11:45:47 AM): what do u look like?

Clyde427 (11:45:56 AM): It's my turn

Webgurl5678 (11:46:08 AM): im in illinois

Clyde427 (11:46:15 AM): there's not a Jenkinsville IL

Webgurl5678 (11:46:17 AM): but i live in indiana

Clyde427 (11:46:31 AM): Why are you in IL?

Webgurl5678 (11:46:53 AM): i'm visiting my family

Webgurl5678 (11:47:07 AM): what do u look like

Webgurl5678 (11:47:14 AM): like

Webgurl5678 (11:47:16 AM): ?

Clyde427 (11:47:27 AM): why do you go to Jenkinsville High if you're just visiting family???

Webgurl5678 (11:47:50 AM): my turn what do u look like ?

Webgurl5678 (11:48:00 AM): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clyde427 (11:48:09 AM): you have to give me time to type

Webgurl5678 (11:48:25 AM): k

Clyde427 (11:48:43 AM): 6'1, 180, blue eyes, dark brown hair... play college football.... tight end

Clyde427 (11:48:55 AM): my turn Why do you go to Jenkinsville High if you're just visiting family???

Webgurl5678 (11:50:16 AM): ok i'm visitinjg my family in illinois i live in indiana in jenkinsville and i go to schoo, there

Clyde427 (11:50:49 AM): oh... got turned around... your turn

Webgurl5678 (11:50:59 AM): k

Webgurl5678 (11:51:43 AM): who do u like better emma marie or me?

Clyde427 (11:52:19 AM): I personally think they are the same person, but if I had to choose, I'd pick you

Clyde427 (11:52:52 AM): what street is the TGI Friday's on??

Webgurl5678 (11:53:08 AM): i'm not elling

Clyde427 (11:53:13 AM): why not?

Webgurl5678 (11:53:24 AM): cuz i don't wanna

Clyde427 (11:53:32 AM): because you aren't from Indiana

Clyde427 (11:53:33 AM): ?

Clyde427 (11:53:41 AM): because you don't know?

Clyde427 (11:53:56 AM): Because this was eMMa the whole time?

Clyde427 (11:53:59 AM): from IL

Webgurl5678 (11:54:37 AM): cuz you will come and kill me

Clyde427 (11:54:59 AM): puhleeze... I have more to do than to stalk women in IN

Webgurl5678 (11:55:25 AM): i wiill tell the truth

Clyde427 (11:55:50 AM): besides, I didn't ask when you worked, what you looked like, etc, so I wouldn't know the difference if I did go there

Webgurl5678 (11:55:55 AM): marie is emma but i am amy

Webgurl5678 (11:56:07 AM): i swear

Webgurl5678 (11:56:39 AM): i'm not gunna tell what street

Webgurl5678 (11:57:00 AM): emma is in the shower

Clyde427 (11:57:02 AM): Obviously the multipersonality thing was emma... as for you, I'm not sure who this is... but my thought is emma.... what city is it in?

Webgurl5678 (11:57:25 AM): i really am amy

Webgurl5678 (11:57:41 AM): how do you want me to prove it to you?

Webgurl5678 (11:57:52 AM): besides telling you wherer i work

Clyde427 (11:58:11 AM): what's the area code in Jenkinsville?

Webgurl5678 (11:58:14 AM): :-(

Webgurl5678 (11:58:33 AM): how should i know?

Clyde427 (11:58:45 AM): because you work there, and go to school there

Clyde427 (11:58:58 AM): keep the BS straight, and it would make it easier to believe you

Webgurl5678 (11:59:44 AM): it doesnt mean i should know!!:-*>:o

Clyde427 (12:00:15 PM): if you have a phone, you know what the area code is.... if you live there... if you are Amy and not emma...

Clyde427 (12:00:30 PM): if you're 18 you know what an area code is to begin with

Webgurl5678 (12:00:38 PM): belive me!

Webgurl5678 (12:00:47 PM): ya

Clyde427 (12:01:02 PM): I haven't believed a word you have said since 9:30

Webgurl5678 (12:01:10 PM): do u have sibs

Clyde427 (12:01:41 PM): ya, they're in the trunk

Clyde427 (12:01:52 PM): with the evil spirits

Clyde427 (12:02:22 PM): this is going on the webpage... this is funny stuff

Webgurl5678 (12:02:42 PM): the reason i'm not telling you all this stuff you wanna know is cuz i don't know you and i'm not telling you where i live

Webgurl5678 (12:03:01 PM): no wonder you don't have a girl ya freak

Webgurl5678 (12:03:08 PM): brb

Webgurl5678 (12:03:12 PM): ok?

Clyde427 (12:03:16 PM): um, sure

Clyde427 (12:04:11 PM): I asked you where you lived, and you said Jenkinsville, all I want to know is what the area code in Jenkinsville is.. there is only one, so it's not like I would know where in Jenkinsville you live if you knew the answer to the question

Webgurl5678 (12:04:49 PM): BRB!!!!

Webgurl5678 (12:07:27 PM): kk

Clyde427 (12:07:54 PM): So what's the area code in Jenkinsville?

Webgurl5678 (12:09:09 PM): why can't you get it through your thick skull that i'm not gonna tell u

Clyde427 (12:09:40 PM): because if you don't know the answer, I don't believe you that you aren't emma

Webgurl5678 (12:10:26 PM): brb!!

Webgurl5678 (12:10:31 PM): 576

Webgurl5678 (12:11:05 PM): 576

Clyde427 (12:11:16 PM): um, okay.... I wouldn't know

Webgurl5678 (12:11:52 PM): whatevva

Webgurl5678 (12:12:23 PM): yoyoyoyoyyooyoyoyoyoy

Webgurl5678 (12:12:24 PM): oyoyoyyyyyyy

Webgurl5678 (12:12:27 PM): oyyoyoyo

Webgurl5678 (12:12:29 PM): yoyoyoy

Clyde427 (12:12:36 PM): you were wrong anyway

Webgurl5678 (12:13:25 PM): ok

Webgurl5678 (12:13:37 PM): whats your name?

Clyde427 (12:14:19 PM): and what do you know... there's no Jenkinsville high either

Clyde427 (12:14:35 PM): Paco

Webgurl5678 (12:15:25 PM): Paco

Clyde427 (12:15:47 PM): you can't seem to tell me the truth, so why should I tell you the truth?

Webgurl5678 (12:16:06 PM): i never said you should

Clyde427 (12:17:47 PM): Paco it is then

Webgurl5678 (12:18:01 PM): ok

Webgurl5678 (12:19:49 PM): de donde es usted?

Clyde427 (12:20:39 PM): I didn't say I spoke spanish... a lot of mexican americans can't speak spanish... that is if I am mexican american

Webgurl5678 (12:21:03 PM): whatever

Clyde427 (12:21:52 PM): just like you're amy or marie or emma

Webgurl5678 (12:22:08 PM): maybe i am

Webgurl5678 (12:22:13 PM): maybe i'm not

Clyde427 (12:22:56 PM): My guess is that I've been talking to the same person the whole time

Webgurl5678 (12:23:34 PM): yeah, and how many times have you said that so far?

Clyde427 (12:24:16 PM): as many times as you have said that you swear you are amy, and that a ghost lives in your house, and emma was in the hospital...

Webgurl5678 (12:24:45 PM): yep, and you know what else?

Clyde427 (12:25:12 PM): I'm afraid to ask... what?

Webgurl5678 (12:26:17 PM): little pink fairies live in my from yard, and i have a purple monkey from jupiter

Clyde427 (12:26:56 PM): so you are on crack.. just like I though three hours ago

Webgurl5678 (12:27:20 PM): no, i'm just pissed off at you

Clyde427 (12:27:26 PM): and why is that?

Webgurl5678 (12:27:40 PM): hmmm......why do yo think?

Clyde427 (12:28:14 PM): I'm just trying to get you to say something honest... from 9:30, you have said nothing that I have believed

Webgurl5678 (12:28:35 PM): ok what do you want me to say?

Clyde427 (12:28:52 PM): why would you be pissed off at me? You IMed me, lied, lied, lied, and lied, and I'm still here.. you should be surprised, not pissed

Webgurl5678 (12:31:21 PM): yeah maybe i am you don't know me all that well

Clyde427 (12:32:05 PM): I don't know you at all, because nothing you have said is believable at this point

Webgurl5678 (12:32:27 PM): here ok

Clyde427 (12:32:54 PM): what?

Webgurl5678 (12:33:18 PM): i'm Emma Carlston from griggsville illinois i'm 18

Clyde427 (12:34:55 PM): wow, I'm impressed

Webgurl5678 (12:35:17 PM): now to you believe me?

Clyde427 (12:36:10 PM): I believe what you just told me, yes, even though your info thing says 16, but that could have been a couple of years ago for all I know

Webgurl5678 (12:36:42 PM): ok

Clyde427 (12:39:38 PM): Where is Griggsville... or atleast how big is it?

Clyde427 (12:39:53 PM): just curious... not drilling you

Webgurl5678 (12:40:06 PM): its down in southern illinois its not very big

Clyde427 (12:40:28 PM): Pretty close to St. Louis?

Webgurl5678 (12:40:36 PM): yeah

Clyde427 (12:40:55 PM): oh.. I live in Kansas City but go to school about 100 miles north of that

Webgurl5678 (12:41:08 PM): oh

Webgurl5678 (12:41:56 PM): i g2g talk to ya later

Clyde427 (12:42:01 PM): okay, bye

Webgurl5678 (12:42:04 PM): bye